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Drones allow photographers and videographers to capture your property at certain distances and angles that standard cameras can’t. 

Having good photos is crucial when putting your property up for sale, and aerial photos can make your property stand out among other listings in your area. However, you must keep in mind that a license is required for aerial drone services. Photos are the first things that potential buyers look at before even consider ing checking out your listing in person. Also, the real estate rental and buying industry is very competitive. Investing in high-quality real estate videography and photography services can help you attract more buyers. 

Here are the main reasons you should never hire an unlicensed drone pilot for your real estate photos.

You Could Face Legal Fines

Hiring an unlicensed pilot to fly a drone is against Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations. The pilot, as well as the person who hired him, will be held accountable and required to pay a significant fine. In addition, you could also be held liable for any damages that result from flying the drone.

You’re Putting Your Safety At Risk

A pilot is not only required to show they can properly operate a drone to obtain a certification; they must also be able to operate the drone under various weather conditions and around obstacles. If they can’t, there’s an increased risk of accidents, which could put you and other people in danger. You must hire a licensed drone operator to avoid incidents where the equipment crashes on someone’s property or into another person.

You Could Be Violating Others’ Privacy

In some cases, drones can capture photos or footage that shouldn’t be recorded. If your photos violate another person’s privacy rights, you and the unlicensed pilot could be held liable. On the other hand, licensed professionals understand privacy laws and how to operate drones so as to not go against these regulations.

If you’re looking for a licensed drone pilot to take photos of your property, turn to Aerial State Media, a leading real estate photography company. We specialize in VR models, aerial media, real estate photography and cinematic videography. Give us a call at (502) 387-4689 or fill out our contact form to learn more about our services.