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Having good photos is crucial when you’re putting your property up for sale. Photos are the first things that potential buyers look at before they’ll even consider checking out your listing in person. Also, the real estate rental and buying industry is very competitive. Investing in high-quality real estate videography and photography services can help you attract more buyers. 

Here’s a must-have shot list for real estate listings. 


Photos of your kitchen should focus on its functionality and cleanliness. Your buyers should be able to picture how easy and convenient it would be to cook meals in your kitchen and imagine themselves moving around and working in it. 


Your bedrooms should look tidy and comfortable. Shots should feature the size and arrangement of essential furniture pieces, such as the bed, dresser and nightstands. Its lighting should also be highlighted. 

Living Room 

The living room should appear relaxing and cozy because people usually spend most of their time there when relaxing at home. Your real estate photography provider should be able to capture how homey this room is, so your potential buyers can get a feel of its vibe.


Bathrooms are one of the most important rooms in the house. They’re typically not as big as other rooms in your home, so they should be completely clean and have sufficient lighting. These rooms should be shot at an angle that allows you to see all its features.


Your property will be judged mainly on how it looks from the outside. To make the photos more aesthetically pleasing, consider having them shot at sunrise or sunset.


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