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Real estate photographers know how to capture a property in the best lighting, taking images from the right angles in order to show off its best features. There are several ways to tell if a real estate photo is good or bad. Aerial State Media, your local real estate photography and aerial drone services provider, shares a few indicators below:


The Pros’ Equipment


The first way to determine the photographers’ expertise is by paying attention to their camera equipment. Good photographers use digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) cameras with various lenses at their disposal. They trust their wide-angle lenses to capture the depth and detail of a certain space, as well as their tripods to help them take sharper photos. Anything less, and the photos will either look distorted or blurred—a big no-no if you want to attract buyers.


Taking Photos of Tiny Spaces


Good real estate photography captures tiny spaces in one single shot. You’ll know that it’s bad, however, if the tiny spaces are divided into a gallery of multiple photos. Buyers may have a difficult time visualizing the house or commercial space if that is the case.


Taking Photos of the Interior and Exterior


A property’s exterior is often the most difficult aspect to take photos of, but also the most important. Good real estate photographers frame the entirety of the house or commercial space without washing out its features. As for the interior, the pros try to take advantage of the times when natural light floods the bedroom, bathroom and kitchen to take photos.


Maintaining Vertical Lines


Real estate photography that highlights focal points such as kitchen cabinets, house pillars and staircases must have crisp, aligned vertical lines. Bad photos, meanwhile, capture these same features at a slight angle.


Aerial State Media offers a variety of services to help real estate agents with their photography needs. In addition to real estate photography, we also do cinematic videography, aerial media and VR models of your property listings. Get started with us by calling (502) 387-4689 or filling out our booking request form.