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Get Licensed Before You Fly

On May 13, 2021, an illegally flown drone crashed on the nesting grounds at Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve in Huntington Beach, California. This isn’t the first time a drone has crashed nor the first time a drone has crashed into protected wetlands. But this time, it coincided with the breeding season of thousands of terns. As a result, the birds abandoned their nests thinking it was a predator. The basic lesson to this story is that flying a drone comes with responsibilities. Preparation, awareness, and skill all have to be involved before taking flight. This same thought process has to be in place when hiring someone to take aerial photos and videos for your real estate business. When it comes to commercial use media, you need to be sure that this person knows what they are doing and is licensed to do so. Not only so you get quality results but also to insure responsibility if something goes wrong.


Why You Need To Hire A Licensed Drone Photographer

First and foremost, it is illegal to fly a drone without an FAA license for commercial purposes. If a company is using unlicensed pilots this is ILLEGAL.

Another reason it is important for drone pilots to be FAA certified is that they know FAA regulations and how to follow them. Certain air zones have certain rules and regulations. A drone pilot will know how to stay within these boundaries and will also know how to ask for permission to fly the drone within certain areas. No one would be comfortable flying in an airplane if the pilot was not qualified, so why should a drone pilot be any different? If someone is going to fly a drone over a client’s roof they should be certified. Certified drone pilots are trained extensively on how to fly drones, and most importantly, how to fly them safely. They are aware of how wind, weather, and other outlying factors affect the drone. They have access to specific tools and apps that allow them to see what the flying conditions will be on a certain day or time.


In the Real Estate world, business moves quickly. Especially in this current market, you need photos fast. What you do not want to do is sacrifice skill and ability when it comes to a listings photos whether from the ground or in the air. Having a skilled photographer to take exterior and interior photographs of a home listing is one thing. But having a photographer that can also provide aerial shots is a game changer. In the real estate business, aerial photography has become a key way to enhance a listing and also show the entirety of a property. Here at Aerial State Media, our skilled photographers and licensed drone pilots can provide you with everything you need to get your home seen and sold.