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Choosing the Best Digital Camera – for you and your real estate photography business.

When it comes to choosing the right camera, it can be a daunting task. There are a lot of factors that play into this choice; quality, price, longevity, etc. The camera needs to fit you but also fit the work you do. In the real estate business, it is simple for anyone with an inexpensive camera or a cellphone to take photos of a home and call it good. However, quality listing photos will not happen this way. As much as it takes skill and a keen eye to take quality photographs, solid equipment helps a lot. We recently teamed up with Real Estate Bees to discuss the best digital cameras for real estate photography and also how to choose the best camera to help photographers make a more educated decision when shopping for a camera.

Here at Aerial State Media, our number one camera choice overall is the Sony a7 III. This camera has incredible resolution at 42 megapixels, sensitivity, dynamic range, processing speed, and shooting response in a strong, compact body. Marcelo Martindale, owner of Brown Bear Productions, said his biggest reason for choosing this camera is because it also works very well with video too. Video demand has increased exponentially so it is important to have a camera that can effectively handle both.



How to choose which camera is the best camera for your real estate photography requires a little bit of research. Avoid any brand that doesn’t fit with your lifestyle or shooting style, or doesn’t adapt to the lens collection you’ve already built up over the years. Jean Williams, owner of Sunhippie Photography and Jeani Waters Creative, said “If you are serious about your photography and have to provide excellent images for whatever reason, do not look for the cheapest cameras.” Get the best camera you can afford and allow a budget for other essentials.

To see a number of other incredible cameras with each of their pros and cons, along with expert tips on how to choose the best camera, check out the full article from Real Estate Bees here. Happy shopping everyone!