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What Time Of Day A Property Should Be Photographed

There are a few factors that will ultimately determine what time of day is best to photograph. It is going to be contingent on what you want to accomplish. It is essential to utilize peak times of the day to capture high-quality images. In the world of real estate photography, the goal is to capture a home in its best light. In order to do so, we need to look at a few different factors. Getting the perfect shot isn’t as easy as walking into a room and snapping the camera; it takes skill and experience to make the home look as beautiful through the lens as it does in person. But when it comes to the exterior of a home, a lot of it begins with what direction the front of the home faces. The homes direction will determine what time frame would be ideal to photograph the property during daylight hours.

Below: an east facing home

Below: a west facing home

In short, properties should be photographed at different times of day so that the sun is behind the photographer when getting the main exterior shot. That way, the photos will be well-lit and saturated with color – if the home is covered in shadow, then the photo will tend to be dull. Check here for calculations of the suns direction at different times of the day. For east facing properties, morning is the best time to shoot. For west facing properties, afternoon is going to be the ideal window. For north facing properties, any time between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM is ideal because the home is never going to have direct sunlight on the exterior front. And last, for south facing properties, photos should ideally be taken early in the morning, or late in the day. For any property that will get a lot of attention or has amazing characteristics, go for a dawn or dusk shoot. The lighting at this time of day will draw buyers to your listing. The sky and windows will appear a rich blue, and the interiors will feel warm and inviting. It also brings out special architectural features in a property, like high ceilings and unique spaces.

Aerial photography is its own beast and relies heavily on natural light, so the intensity and direction of the sun is essential as well.

Below: aerial shot from straight above property

If you are unable to schedule at the ideal time of day or are unsure of your listing’s exact orientation, then morning light is usually a safer bet than the afternoon. Afternoon light can tend to give off a bit of an orange glow and create a quality image.

Below: a north facing home

At the end of the day, a photo even in the best lighting possible isn’t going to change what a home or property looks like. However, it will allow it to be shown at its best and draw in those interested buyers. Here at Aerial State, our goal is to assist in showing off what the property has to offer at its best.