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Smartphone cameras, no matter how advanced their technology, can’t quite match the quality of work that professional real estate photographers provide. Acquiring the necessary skills, from lighting techniques to HDR processing and Photoshop compositing, to accurately represent and add charm to your residencial photos isn’t easy to accomplish.


Here a real estate company specializing in 3D virtual tours discusses why the technology of modern cameras cannot easily replace an experienced photographer .

1. It takes a unique perspective. Before capturing a beautiful photo, you first need to put the camera in the right position. A trained photographer has the ability to dissect different points of view, as well as make an appealing, balanced composition. This takes years of experience and very specific training.

2. A photographer knows how to spot good light. A real estate photographer deals with natural light most of the time, and they know how to adjust if the situation isn’t ideal or isn’t putting forth the kind of pictures they’re looking for. Though smartphone cameras have HDR capabilities, which can often capture a huge dynamic range, only a good photographer can determine which blinds to open or close. This also means they know whether it’s more appropriate to photograph a property during the morning hours or in the afternoon.

3. The quality isn’t the same. According to an aerial drone services company, in-camera HDR handheld images don’t provide the same quality as DSLR or real estate cameras.

4. Employing a photographer reduces stress. Relying on a real estate photographer means you don’t have to worry about doing the laborious and time-consuming task yourself. For real estate agents, it allows them to focus on their field of specialization while leaving such tasks to the experts.

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