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In the past, if you wanted to create aerial images or videos, you had to spend a fortune to use a helicopter or crane camera, or you had to be standing on top of a tall structure such as a building. With today’s aerial drone services, you can have professional videos created for just about any purpose, whether it be business or pleasure.

One of the industries that benefits from the use of drone photography is real estate. If you want to list a real estate property and get more views from potential buyers, you should take advantage of aerial images.

Here are the benefits aerial images provide to real estate listings:

Trend Setting

Real estate is a visual industry, and people are visual creatures. Most people who go online to look for a property click on listings that have videos or at least pictures. As aerial videos have become more popular, some now only consider properties whose owners took the time to make a video.

Higher Scenic Value

Pictures or videos of the rooms in a home are great, but an aerial video showing the entire property? Even better, especially if you’re selling a large property. People are wowed by aerial shots of large properties like mansions and their surrounding landscapes.

A Picture of the Neighborhood

It’s not just the property that potential buyers want to know about; they want a general idea of what it’s like to live in that neighborhood. 3D Virtual Tours give the audience the opportunity to “visit” the neighborhood without even leaving their home or office.

More Personal Views

With a drone camera, it’s as if you’re there in person. It’s the next best thing, actually. Imagine looking only at photos, then picture a video that takes you there for a more unique and personal perspective of the property you have your eye on. Which one would be more interesting for you as a buyer?

If you need a professionally-made virtual tour of your property for a listing, get in touch with Aerial State Media. We specialize in beautifully crafted, tour-style cinematic real estate videos. We also make VR models. Call us at (502) 387-4689 or use this form to send us a message.