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These days, property buyers are more discerning than ever before. Without ever leaving the couch, they can take an intimate look at a home or furnished commercial space they’re interested in. Once they filter and narrow down their search based on location, square footage, price and other influencing factors, all that’s left is to browse through the images of the property they’re eyeing.



This is where professional photography becomes a necessity in real estate. High-quality images and videos of residential and commercial properties, after all, are critical for the agents’ success. Aerial State Media, your photography and videography experts, share three reasons why real estate photography matters below.


Real estate photography helps sell listings faster.


Listings accompanied by professional-level photography can boost the speed at which a residential or commercial property sells. Many studies have also pointed out that this can help reduce Days on Market dramatically than when listings don’t have such images. For example, a home with 20 photos spends 32 days on the market on average. 


Professional photos create a great first impression.


Real property can now be bought and sold online. Agents, much like every other online retailer, must provide clear, detailed, dynamic images to gain the trust of buyers and further improve their reputation. Through real estate photography, they can make a great impression by highlighting the merits of the residential or commercial property they’re selling, as well as their own abilities.


Various software tools and equipment make high-quality images possible.


Real estate agents must work with competent professional photographers who know the appropriate angles to use and have experience using digital single-lens reflex cameras, image and video editing software and other tools. Other pros use sophisticated visual tools like virtual reality (VR) to better present property listings and attract more buyers.


Aerial State Media offers a variety of services to help real estate agents with their photography needs. In addition to real estate photography, we also work on cinematic videography, aerial media and VR. Get started by calling (502) 387-4689 or by filling out our booking request form.