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A lot of lives and businesses have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The world as we know it has changed forever. During this time, a lot of industries have been trying to adapt to a new normal so that they can thrive once the dust settles. In this post, Aerial State Media explains why real estate photography and 3D virtual tours are essential in the post-pandemic world.

What Is Real Estate Photography?

As people are trying to adapt to these changing times, the way the market has changed its purchasing behavior tends to lean heavily toward relying on technology to enforce social distancing. For the real estate industry, photography has never been more important in selling homes in this post-pandemic era. Real estate photography is centered around highlighting the focal points of a property for sale. A lot of factors come into play when ttaking the perfect shot, such as the angles, time of day and the equipment you’ve prepared. Finding the best combination of all these factors will help you take that perfect shot that will captivate clients.

Why Is Real Estate Photography Important Post-Pandemic?

The pandemic has ended a lot of businesses, but has opened up an avenue for prospective home buyers. As the world is slowly trying to get back on its feet, everyone has more free time. Since physical home inspections are difficult at this time, people have turned to the internet when searching for new homes. Having high-definition images and neatly rendered VR models of the property you’re selling will certainly help catch the attention of prospective buyers surfing the internet. 

Professional real estate photography helps homes sell faster and for a higher price. In fact, 88% of home realtors believe that professional photos are more likely to be noticed by a buyer and turn into a lead. Of course, the same can’t be said for low-quality images that don’t capture the focal points of a property.

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