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Sky Replacements and how it can enhance ANY listing

There is a lot of skill and ability that is required to capture a well-structured, quality image in camera. It is more than just point and shoot. In the world of real estate photography, you are working with inanimate objects and scenes that must be staged in the perfect way. It most often takes that photographers eye to get the exact shot. However, no matter how great one’s eye, editing is there to refine and enhance the image to its fullest potential. When it comes to photographing the exterior of homes and buildings, the one major thing no client, agent, or photographer can control is the sky. Whether you are dealing with a gloomy, cloudy day or simply an overly bright white sky, what you see is what you get. So, then what? Pop that photo into your editing software and perfect that image!




In the past, replacing the sky required multiple steps and careful fine tuning in order to achieve a seamless look. Definitely not talking some super simple quick fix. At least not until now. Editing software has come an incredibly long way, especially in the world of sky replacements. Here at Aerial State Media we have really enjoyed the new sky replacement feature provided within Adobe Photoshop. Visit the link here to see how it works. It is giving photographers a faster and more reliable way to get the best look necessary for any image. Below are a few before and after examples of our most recent work and what a difference a sky makes!