6 Essential Tips to Get Your Home Photo Ready

1. Vehicles

Remove all cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, ATVs, kids toys, etc. from the driveways and do not park directly in front of the house. This is the money shot… Let’s make it look good!

2. Lights

Turn on all the lights (inside & out) and anything with a light bulb (accent lamps included), at least 10 minutes prior to your photographer arriving. Also, turn ceiling fans off.

3. Exterior

Remove garbage and recycling cans out of sight, along with all garden tools, hoses, yard waste, and clutter. Make sure your exterior displays excellent curb appeal.

4. Lightbulbs

Replace all burned out light bulbs throughout the interior and exterior of the house. Good lighting is very important for good photos.

5. Clutter

Remove sink soap bottles, rags, tissue boxes, personal photos, remotes, laptops/tablets, kid toys, etc. from all floors, bookshelves, tables and appliances. No clutter.

6. Pets

Remove all pets including kennels, litter boxes, pet bowls, pet toys, pet beds/towers, walking leashes, etc. out of sight. Hide all traces of animals.

Get your home ‘photo ready’ with our pre-photoshoot checklist!

Why Should I Care?

In real estate, good pictures — the right pictures — are worth more than a thousand words. They can be worth thousands of dollars.

According to a survey of buyers and sellers in the US, 92% of the people across the country who purchased a new home in 2014 used the Internet while researching their purchase. These buyers rated photographs as the single most useful tool in their search. Agents say the photos buyers see online are often the first, and sometimes the only, chance they may get to make a good impression.

When you have your house photographed for a real estate listing both the exterior and interior of the home, including all major rooms, will be photographed. Homeowners and agents can help make the photography process go smoothly and make the home looks its best in the photographs by doing some preparation before the photographer arrives. Adding a little TLC to the look of your home will most likely translate in thousands of dollars when the offers start rolling in.

Keep the following in mind as you prepare the home for photography:​

  1. The above list looks daunting, but the better the home shows in photographs to potential buyers the more likely they will want to view it and buy it.
  2. You are trying to show off the home’s best features; a lot of “stuff” can distract from those features.
  3. We are not photographing your home, we are photographing the potential new home of prospective buyers or renters.  Do not take the process personally, it is part of the business of selling and renting a house.
  4. High quality photography will show the home exactly as it is.  Some minor flaws and dirt can be corrected in post-processing, but if you can see it with your eye the camera will pick it up in the photographs.