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What is your turnaround for photos?

Our turnaround is typically 24 hours after the photoshoot is completed. We strive to get the pictures to you as quickly as possible. Just like you and your client, we are always excited to get our photos online for everyone to view.

If you need to receive the photos within the 24 hour window, please note this in your ‘Special Instructions’ when placing your booking request. Please be aware that you may be subject to a Rush Fee for the expedited photos.

What is your turnaround for videos?

We strive for 72 hour turnaround (3 business days) when it comes to videos. Video production is a completely different animal compared to photos. There’s more content to sift through, more TLC when editing, and if you have ever experienced the hair-pulling delay of rendering video clips… you have a full understanding of why it takes longer.

What if I need to cancel my photo shoot?

In the event you need to cancel your photo shoot, you’ll need to contact an Aerial State representative immediately by phone, text, or email. Your appointment will be cancelled and a credit will be issued to your Aerial State account. No refunds will be given.

What if it’s raining, snowing, or cloudy?

We love Mother Nature as much as you do (most of the time), but every now and then she doesn’t cooperate when providing clear blue skies. In the event that weather is approaching, you’ll need to contact an Aerial State representative and reschedule your photo shoot by 5:00pm EST the day prior.

How will I receive my files?

You will receive a download link from Hightail directly to the email you have provided Aerial State. This download link is active for 7 days before deletion from Hightail’s servers. If, for whatever reason, you don’t download your file(s) before the link expires, just shoot us an email and request those files to re-uploaded.

Note: You can only download your files to a desktop computer. The download link will not work on a tablet or smartphone.

Do you have Supra access?

Yes we do.

How accurate are the Property Outlines

Aerial Property Outlines are general outlines based on the property plat provided to us from the realtor and are within 5% of accuracy. We ask that our clients provide the property plat for any property over 10 acres.

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